My name is Kevin White. I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. I believe that in this dead and dying world, people are starving for the hope offered to us only through the redeeming power of the Almighty God. I see people daily who have misconceptions about who God is. And my greatest desire is to share with them the perfect love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ that I have been granted despite my many imperfections. Ask me about Jesus, please.

19th March 2012

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It’s been FOREVER! How have you all been?

5th December 2011

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Aced one final, one more to go.

I didn’t study as well for this one. Pray that I do well on it please.



27th November 2011

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27th November 2011

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America, you will be judged. But His people will be restored. Fall to your knees, for there is life at the throne of God.

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24th November 2011

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One moment spent in sin is one moment wasted outside His presence.
— Mattie Montgomery (via jamestherocketman)

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22nd November 2011

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UBIQUITOUS! Word of the day to describe God.

ubiquitous |yoōˈbikwətəs|
present, appearing, or found everywhere

21st November 2011

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Sorta sick of life.

21st November 2011

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I need prayer …

… for the ability to get everything done in the last couple of weeks of this semester. I still have big papers to write and stuff. I’m really not even stressed because God always takes care of me. But I would totally love it if my Christian tumblr friends interceded with the Almighty on my behalf. There is power in prayer. Love you all!

18th November 2011

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Diablo III Beta Test

Pretty sweet game.

Demon Hunter and Wizard are my favorites.

Gonna be awesome when it comes out.


14th November 2011


thensings-mysoul said: Hi! I just wanted to know how you're doing. Haven't spoken in a while.

I’m doing well. Graduating in a month, so I’ve just been really busy with school stuff. I’m actually sick today. :( Haha. How have you been?