My name is Kevin White. I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. I believe that in this dead and dying world, people are starving for the hope offered to us only through the redeeming power of the Almighty God. I see people daily who have misconceptions about who God is. And my greatest desire is to share with them the perfect love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ that I have been granted despite my many imperfections. Ask me about Jesus, please.


Freedom Bringer

Freedom Bringer — Poetry By Kevin White

If it weren’t for you, I’d drown in water that’s only ankle deep

Before I could ever build up enough strength to actually take the leap

Why do I choose skepticism and pride over a God who created all of this beauty

And who stands at my side?

I swear I could hear a horse with pale skin …

Lurking at my doorstep, begging to be let in

And it’s like I don’t even hesitate to answer the call

I get up from my seat, as you all look apalled

You say, ‘Don’t answer it Kev, you still have a choice …

‘You’ve got brothers and sisters here, you’ve a reason to rejoice.’

Oh don’t mind him, it’s just my old friend

You know, the one who promised me those feelings wouldn’t end.

-But a real warrior never quits-

And as time goes by, I see you’ve been there all along.

Oh why did I doubt you? Good God was I wrong.

But as I feed my failures their own meat and lie ready to accept my defeat,

There’s a voice that breaks through the silence

Saying, ‘Stand up warrior, there’s no need for this violence.’

-But I’m beaten-

-I’m broken-

-And I can’t stand up-

But God YOU stand up for me, and then you offer your hand

And I say, ‘Woe is me, I am ruined, for I am only a man!’

I am not worthy of your presence, your love or your help

Yet you’ve forgiven me and changed the cards I was dealt

No longer do I need these empty things to make me full

For I am fuller than I’ve ever been, and my heart rests in you

Speaking of hearts … How many have I broken?

I’ve piled on the burdens and begged that they remain unspoken


Why do I beg to be reshackled, when I know I’ve been set free?

‘Oh, but none of this is real. And it’s okay to look like them’

Lies are muttered in my ears, but I can’t let him win.

There’s a storm brewing and I’m part of that thunder,

I just can’t, any longer, let the enemy drag me under.

But it feels SO GOOD just to set you aside

Just for a moment, I’ll still be your bride

God, cast it out!

-By your power-

-By your Son’s mighty name-

Father, I beg and I plead, don’t put me to shame

I am so sick, and I am so tired of holding back the rain.

So I will stand in agreement with the kingdom of heaven

Ignoring all of the world’s claims about the myth of your name

Knowing they are only jealous of your glory and fame.

So use these hands to heal the sick,

To raise the dead—God please, do it quick

Because although I rely on only your power,

It’s like I expect to change the whole world within the hour.

And I know that the blind were born blind so that they may see,

And we were all born slaves so we could be set free.